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Can the dentist tell if you smoked once?

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Can the Dentist Tell You Smoke Weed? - Top Dental NewsNov 11, 2015 — If I am in a state where weed is illegal and I'm also under 18 and I smoke about once a month will they be able to tell even if I brush two minutes 

Can the dentist know if you smoke once a week? | GrasscityMar 25, 2011 — The effect smoke has on your teeth depends on what you are smoking. You're smoking weed so if you brush regularly, they won't be able to tell 7 Lies Your Dentist Knows You're Telling | Everyday HealthApr 13, 2016 — If you're telling any of these seven lies, you can stop now. patients say they floss once a week, notes Dr. Adibi, some dentists might assume they or examine your fingers for nicotine stains if he or she suspects you smoke

Can the Dentist tell if you Smoked once

Can dentists tell if I smoked once a day for the past weekJan 3, 2020 — As long as you brush your teeth regularly and don't smoke for at least several hours before seeing them, and perhaps using a quick mouthwash (no reason to 

Can Your Dentist Tell If You Smoke? - Oral HealthNov 24, 2020 — Many smokers try to disguise their habit by covering up the smell with gum, mints, or mouthwash. But the truth is, your dentist in Hagerstown can probably still tell that you're a smoker even if you don't share that informationwill the dentist tell if i smoked once? | Yahoo AnswersJun 6, 2012 — the only element the dentist can tell is while you're a smoker. it is not substantial what you smoke. yet once you purely did it as quickly as, then 

Can the Dentist tell if you Smoked once?
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can the dentist tell if you smoke? - Ultimate GuitarOct 30, 2008 — I doubt they would tell if you clean your teeth, and floss+mouthwash aswell! have a mint before yeah my dentist asked me if I smoked onceCan a dentist tell if you smoke rarely? - Answers May 26, 2009 — If you have braces and smoke once a week can the dentist tell? Yes, your teeth MAY turn yellow with the smoking, just keep your mouth really 

can a dentist tell if i have smoked 1 month ago? - The StudentBut the dentist *should* talk to you about smoking if they think you are a smoker (to correct the person above) because it is a major factor in oral diseases. 0. replyEmbarrassed About Smoking but Need Cheap Dental CareDec 23, 2020 — Can Dentists Tell that I Have Been Smoking? The quick answer to this question is “Yes.” Dentists can almost always tell if a person is a smoker 

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